Orcadian Outposts
This enthralling voyage to Orkney introduces the far-flung delights of these northern outposts...

Orcadian Outposts

Scrabster to Scrabster

Monday 15th July to Monday 22nd July 2024

From £4,530 per person

7 nights including
2 Gala Dinners

This enthralling voyage to Orkney introduces the far-flung delights of these northern outposts, including the fertile bird haven of Sanday, and Orkney’s ‘Island of Bays’, Stronsay. Enjoy summer days filled with wonderful guided walks and visits in some of the remotest and most impressive locations Scotland has to offer.

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See our itinerary below...

Below you can explore the itinerary for this cruise. Click on the arrows to see more information on each days itinerary. Simply click the ‘Book this Cruise’ button to get booking and embark on an exciting journey with us…

Monday 15th July

Scrabster - Embarkation.

Tuesday 16th July

Cruise to Kirkwall. Kirkwall, Orkney – St Magnus Cathedral.

Britian’s most northerly cathedral, St Magnus in Kirkwall is known as the ‘Light in the North’ and was founded in 1137 by the Viking, Earl Rognvald. 

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Wednesday 17th July

Kirkwall, Orkney – Sheila Fleet Jewellery. Cruise to Westray.

In the oldest part of Kirkwall, visit Sheila Fleet’s beautiful gallery of her distinctive local jewellery.

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Thursday 18th July

Westray, Orkney – Noltland Castle. Papa Westray, Orkney – Knap of Howar.

Steaming north, we arrive at Westray, the ‘Queen of the Isles’, where the imposing 16th century Noltland Castle has links to a particularly turbulent time of Scottish history. Found on the west coast of Papa Westray, the Knap of Howar features two small structures which are the oldest standing stone buildings in north-west Europe.

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Friday 19th July

Cruise to Sanday. Sanday, Orkney – Sanday Heritage Centre.

The Heritage Centre on Sanday tells the history of the island from prehistoric times through to the 20th century and displays some of Sanday’s natural and man-made treasures. 

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Saturday 20th July

Sanday, Orkney – Quoyness Chambered Cairn. Stronsay, Orkney – Vat of Kirbister.

Crawl into the high central chamber of a megalithic tomb dating back 5,000 years at Quoyness Chambered Cairn. Once a tomb for the dead, its form bears some resemblance to the houses of the living, perhaps reflecting Neolithic beliefs in the afterlife.

Stronsay is an island shaped by the sea and the Vat of Kirbister was formed when the roof of a large sea cave collapsed leaving a spectacular arch.

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Sunday 21st July

Cruise to Scrabster. Scrabster – Castle of Mey.

Finally, we discover a majestic jewel, the Castle of Mey, the late Queen Mother’s home in Scotland.

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Monday 22nd July

Scrabster - Disembarkation

Our decks and Cabins

Below you can see our decks and what cabins are on each of them. If you click the arrow you can see further information on each cabin and what it has to offer. So get exploring and get booking. We look forward to you joining us on board for an experience of a lifetime…

Lord of the Highlands Cabins

Category One Deluxe Cabins

John Buchan Deck and Richard Hannay Deck

Category One Deluxe Cabins

The 15 deluxe cabins are located on the Richard Hannay and John Buchan Decks. All feature twin beds and large picture windows.

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Category Two Balcony Cabins

John Buchan Deck

Category Two Balcony Cabins

The 4 balcony cabins are located on the John Buchan Deck and feature twin beds. The balconies afford privacy and are fitted with teak furniture for you to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

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Category Three Suite

John Buchan

Category Three Suite

The spacious suite is located at the forward end of the John Buchan Deck and features large picture windows both port and starboard affording delightful views. The sitting area is furnished with a comfortable sofa, coffee table and mini bar.

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