Tuesday 19th to Tuesday 26th September

Our thanks to guest Mr McKenzie for many of the images used in this cruise log.

Tuesday, 19th September 2023

A very warm welcome to all guests joining Hebridean Princess this afternoon as we embark on our Gaelic Discovery cruise. 

This evening, we will be berthing near to the pretty and peaceful village of Crinan.

Wednesday, 20th September 2023

Today was spend cruising the North Channel, which connects the Irish Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. The Straits of Moyle is the name given to the narrowest part of sea in the North Channel between north-eastern Northern Ireland (County Antrim) and south-western Highlands of Scotland (Mull of Kintyre). The narrowest part of the strait is between the Mull of Kintyre and Torr Head, where it is just 12 miles wide.

We berthed overnight in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Thursday, 21st September 2023

Today was a full day at the fabulous, National Trust owned, Mount Stewart House, Bangor.  Here we headed back to the 1920s–1950s, wandering through the elegant rooms and gardens.  Home to the Marquesses of Londonderry for over 250 years, the house is steeped in history, bursting with stories and filled with personal treasures. The dining room was used to entertain famous guests and there are grand halls, private sitting rooms as well as a family chapel.  The walls are adorned with magnificent portraits, life-size sculptures and the family’s many historic collections.

Lunch was also enjoyed at the house, before we sailed to Douglas, Isle of Man.

Friday, 22nd September 2023

Settled on the Isle of Man, this morning’s visit was to the Isle of Man’s parliament, Tynwald, the oldest continuous parliament in the world which continues to debate and pass the Island’s laws today.  The branches sit weekly and Tynwald sits once a month.

We also enjoyed a visit to Castle Rushen.

Later in the day, we explored Isle of Man’s famous motor museum.  Situated on the former RAF Jurby on the north side of the island, the privately funded museum was purpose designed and houses over 500 vehicles.  Opened in May 2015, it has become a petrolhead’s paradise with something for everyone to enjoy.  Starting with the 1904 Gordon Bennett Trials, the Isle of Man occupies a unique place in both motoring and motorsports heritage.  Every year, TT riders take on the fearsome 37.73 mile Mountain Course now averaging well over 130mph. Throughout the year, the Island’s roads and stunning scenery provide all enthusiast drivers and riders with an ideal destination to exercise their machines.

The core of the Museum’s collection is the Cunningham Collection. Assembled by father and son team Denis and Darren Cunningham over the past 30 years, this unique gathering of both historically significant vehicles and cars with very personal family stories led them to privately fund the establishment of the Isle of Man Motor Museum in order to share their passion. The Isle of Man Motor Museum is also honoured to host over 250 other vehicles on loan from other enthusiasts and collectors.

Saturday, 23rd September 2023

Hebridean Princess and new Manxman Ferry in Douglas

Leaving the Isle of Man in our wake we made course for Belfast.

Sunday, 22nd September 2023

At Queens Island, we explored the shipyard, walked the decks, travelled to the depths of the ocean and uncovered the true legend of Titanic in the city where it all began, ahead of our orientation tour of Belfast’s local landmarks including the impressive parliament buildings of Stormont.

We ended our day with the fantastic Keltic Flair dancers.

Monday, 23rd September 2023

Titanic Distillers played host to our visit this morning, where we experienced the workings of the distillery and heard the story of Belfast’s whiskey tradition, why it disappeared and how it has returned to the home of Titanic Distillers – the city’s first working distillery in almost 90 years.

An afternoon at sea, relaxing on board, returned us to Scottish waters before our sumptuous Farewell Gala Dinner in the Columba Restaurant.

Tuesday, 24th September 2023

Sadly, our Gaelic adventure came to an end this morning, after breakfast.  Have a safe and comfortable journey home everyone – we look forward to seeing you all again soon.