Guest Speakers

Enriching European river cruises with inspiring guest speakers

Onboard speakers, passionate about their subject, delve further into Europe’s history, sights and food, taking guests on a voyage of discovery.

A river cruise through Europe is a wonderful way to discover the very best of what the continent’s magnificent waterways have to offer. Even better is having an expert on hand to further enrich the experience. That’s why all cruises on Royal Crown welcome guest speakers to delve further into the history, heritage and culture of the sights which guests experience. Every speaker is carefully selected and chosen for their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject. Sharing their knowledge comes second only to finding out more. They bring subjects to life and add an extra dimension to cruises on Royal Crown, from the history of Europe to local food and wine.

A voyage of discovery

Take a cruise with one of our guest speakers and discover more about the food and wine of the region, or become immersed in the fascinating history of European locations. Through a series of talks, both formal and conversations over dinner, speakers are delighted to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subjects. So join Royal Crown’s guest speakers and truly discover Europe.

Guest Speaker: Professor Stefan Buczacki

Tulip Time in the Low Lands
Amsterdam to Antwerp
Tuesday 5th April to Tuesday 12th April

Professor Stefan Buczacki has no less than thirty years experience as a cruise ship lecturer. He is one of the country’s best known and most respected gardening and natural history authors and broadcasters, familiar from his many years as panellist and chairman on Gardeners’ Question Time and as a presenter on Gardeners’ World. Less expectedly, he is a respected historical biographer and is recognised as an authority on Winston Churchill and his social circle.

Guest Speaker: John Ducker

Flavours of the Low Countries
Antwerp to Amsterdam
Tuesday 12th April to Tuesday 19th April 2022

A freelancer wearing two quite distinct ‘hats’, John is a member of the Association of Wine Educators and the élite Circle of Wine Writers, with many sea and river miles behind him as a lecturer. Happily his interest in wine is completely interlocked with that of food…. and of creating exciting balanced wine/food matches. Not a food professional himself, his main focus has centered around the sheer diversity of European cuisine. Under John’s other ‘hat’ is a professional actor of many years with, in his later years, a world-wide reputation for ‘doggedness’…. Yes, pun intended.

Guest Speaker: Michael Buerk

Treasures of the Main and Rhine
Amsterdam to Nuremberg
Monday 9th May to Tuesday 17th May 2022

Michael Buerk is perhaps best known as the BBC correspondent responsible for two reports from Ethiopia in 1984 that are widely regarded as the most influential pieces of television ever broadcast. He has reported for the BBC from nearly 70 countries, has covered more than a dozen wars, been jailed, blown up, shot at and gassed during the course of his assignments. He was main presenter of BBC Television’s flagship news programme for 15 years and continues to chair BBC Radio 4’s long-running ethical debate programme, the Moral Maze. He also writes for several leading newspapers and magazines.

Guest Speaker: James Naughtie

Imperial Cities of the Danube
Nuremberg to Budapest
Tuesday 17th May to Monday 23rd May 2022

James Naughtie is one of Britain’s best-known broadcasters. A special correspondent for the BBC, he presented Today on Radio 4 for twenty-one years and has reported from home and abroad for more than three decades. He presents Bookclub on Radio 4 and has written and broadcast on classical music for many years. As an author he has published books on politics, a history of music, an account of experiences over half a century in the United States, and two novels.

Guest Speaker: Nick Hammond

Budapest to the Black Sea
Budapest to Fetesti
Monday 23rd May to Wednesday 1st June 2022

Nicholas Hammond combined his boyhood passions for wildlife and art in a career that included being editor of Birds, head of publications and director of communications with the RSPB, before working for the Wildlife Trusts. He has written four books and numerous magazine articles about art and wildlife. A widely travelled guest speaker on cruises, his topics on this voyage will include the wildlife of the Danube, wild animals in fine art and stories of eccentric human interaction with the natural world.

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Enrichment of discovery and thrill of knowledge

Enriching guest speakers are captivating orators who bring each itinerary to life. To discover more on a fascinating voyage full of history and intrigue, book a European river cruise today.