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Special Guest Speakers on Hebridean Princess

Selected cruises welcome specially chosen expert speakers. They bring Scotland’s history and culture to life with passion and in-depth knowledge.

Experience the rich history, culture and taste of Scotland with expert cruise speakers who can bring this beautiful country to life. On selected cruises, Hebridean Princess welcomes guest speakers, hand-picked for their in-depth knowledge, who love nothing more than sharing their passion for Scotland. The enrichment of discovery and thrill of knowledge put these cruises in a category of their own.

Our Guest Speakers:

Guest Speaker: Michael Davis

Mansions and Castles of the Clyde
Greenock to Greenock, Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th March 2022
7 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Michael Davis researches, writes and lectures on architectural history and conservation themes, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Strathclyde. He spoke out in favour of reconstruction of the original design during the controversy over the restoration of Glasgow School of Art, and is a past chairman of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland. His books include The Castles and Mansions of Ayrshire, Scots Baronial and The Scottish Castle Restoration Debate.

Guest Speaker: Charlotte Rostek

Mansions and Castles of the Clyde
Greenock to Greenock, Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th March 2022
7 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Charlotte Rostek works with the Fleming Wyfold Art Foundation and with Buccleuch Estates, and is the former Collections Director at the Mount Stuart Trust on the Isle of Bute, responsible for the caring, development and promotion of the Bute Collection. She is also Curator Emeritus at Dumfries House reflecting her deep involvement as inaugural curator with the stately home which was saved for the nation by Prince Charles in 2007. Charlotte lectures widely and has a passion for engaging people with art and culture.

Guest Speaker: Dr Simon Drake

Scenic Sea Lochs and Idyllic Inner Isles
Oban to Oban, Tuesday 22nd to Tuesday 29th March 2022
7 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Simon Drake is a research associate at Birkbeck College, University of London where he studies ancient Hebridean volcanic rocks. In 2015 volcanic research took a twist when he discovered a layer of rock on the Isle of Skye containing minerals never before found on earth. The layer was produced by a meteorite strike. This discovery marks only the second confirmed UK meteorite impact layer and has received considerable national and international media attention. Simon’s team are currently targeting Skye, Rum, Raasay, Mull, Ardnamurchan and Eigg to try and find further deposits and locate a meteorite crater.

Guest Speaker: Roger Morgan-Grenville

Wildlife of the Western Isles
Oban to Oban, Tuesday 10th to Tuesday 17th May 2022
7 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Roger Morgan-Grenville has been a soldier, trader, charity worker and conservationist with a lifelong passion for seabirds. His very personal memoir of a life spent following the Manx Shearwater is published in April 2021. Whilst a soldier, he led the first expedition that followed Ernest Shackleton’s escape from the ice across South Georgia. In 2008, he was a founding member of Help for Heroes, and has recently helped set up another charity, Curlew Action. A passionate supporter of the idea of wilderness, he is a highly amusing and informative speaker, with an infectious and wide-ranging enthusiasm for nature.

Guest Speaker: Sandy Primrose

Treasures of the Celtic Sea and Jurassic Coast
Oban to Portland, Tuesday 5th to Thursday 14th July 2022
9 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Sandy trained as a microbiologist. After spending 10 years in academia, he moved to industry where he worked in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and food sectors. He has worked with various government departments on topics such as the safety of GM crops and the detection of food fraud. His real passion is plants and gardening and his cruise lectures focus on the plants, the gardens and the food of the regions through which we travel, often with a historical focus.

Guest Speaker:
Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB CBE DL

The River Thames to the Normandy Beaches
London to Portland, Sunday 31st July to Tuesday 9th August 2022
9 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

John Lippiett had a 36 year career in the Royal Navy which included command of 3 ships at different seniorities, a frigate squadron, and the School of Maritime Warfare, and culminating in three appointments at flag rank. He took early retirement in 2003 and became Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust. John lectures extensively on the Mary Rose story and more generally about maritime history.

Guest Speaker: Alex Leger

Celtic Panorama
Cardiff to Oban, Tuesday 16th to Thursday 25th August 2022
9 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Alex Leger is a television producer, director and cameraman. For 36 years he worked for the BBC as a film maker producing Blue Peter and other programmes. He has survived sandstorms, landmines, erupting volcanoes, food poisoning, difficult presenters and flying bullets to make over 600 films across five continents. Devon born, Alex studied industrial engineering and management sciences at Loughborough University before joining the BBC in 1973 as a junior management consultant. Alex started public speaking in 2012 and speaking engagements include national conferences, literary festivals, cruise ships and local groups.

Guest Speaker: Sir Maxwell Macleod

Islands of Contrast
Oban to Oban, Tuesday 20th to Tuesday 27th September 2022
7 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Sir Maxwell Macleod was a teacher and educational audiologist before he returned to the family home at Fuinary in Morvern and pursued a number of jobs including writing for over ten news papers, running expeditions throughout the Hebrides, starting an energy advisory business and lecturing in Japan and the USA.
He has circled the world twice and has a particular interest in the Middle East. Maxwell’s hobby is long distance sea rowing and he rowed from Skye to Iona, reporting on the socio-economics of the different islands for a number of papers.

Guest Speaker: Sarah Deere-Jones LRAM LGSM ARAM

Call of the Clyde
Oban to Greenock, Tuesday 25th October to Tuesday 1st November 2022
7 nights including 2 Gala Dinners

Sarah is a graduate and prize-winner from the Royal Academy of Music who performs and lectures regularly on the history of the harp around the world. Born in Dorset, she has spent family holidays in north western Scotland since the 1960s and now lives part-time on Loch Duich. Despite her initial classical training Sarah has always loved traditional music, and performed, written and arranged music and songs for the smaller Celtic harp. Her lectures include live music demonstrations on both modern Celtic harps and the medieval wire-string harp or ‘Clarsach’.

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