What our guests say

Read what our guests have to say about their Hebridean River Cruise experience...

98% of our guests have told us they have had an enjoyable holiday; 98% of our guests would recommend Hebridean River Cruises to others.

"Royal Crown is an attractive ship with excellent accommodation. We found the crew to be most helpful and made every effort to ensure our journey was a pleasant experience."  Mr & Mrs S.

"The interaction of crew, Hebridean team and guests was consistently excellent. The lecturer, musical content and tour arrangements were well presented, of high quality and greatly added to the enjoyment of the holiday. All in all the ‘Danube Symphony’ was very well played!" Mr & Mrs R.

"The whole cruise was extremely well thought out and planned down to the minutest detail, taking everyone’s wishes into account. An unforgettable voyage with the highest standard of musical entertainment. Wonderful!"  Mrs M.

"It was the most enjoyable and well organised trip. The Hebridean staff, Captain and crew were quite excellent. Thank you very much."  Mrs I.