Trust Account

The Board of Hebridean Island Cruises Ltd. have agreed to resign its membership of ABTA effective from 1st July 2021.
Hebridean Island Cruises placed bonds with ABTA to protect our guests’ monies but believe, along with a number of other leading travel businesses, it is now prudent to move all guests’ monies paid onto a trust.
This means that all monies for existing non ATOL bookings, no matter how they have been paid, including debit and credit card, have been moved into a Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements 2018 (“PTR”) compliant trust independently operated by PT Trustees Ltd, a CAA approved professional trustee. Monies for all future bookings will also be placed in this trust. 

This is not a decision that Hebridean has taken lightly but have done so as we believe this is the best way to protect your, our guests’, money going forward.

Please note this will be a “gold standard” trust with no early exit of funds whatsoever until full performance of the holiday – that is to say, when guests have completed and returned from their cruise. 

For clarity this means that all money, for non-ATOL (no-fly cruises), collected from guests by Hebridean Island Cruises will be placed in a trust account administered by professional trustees and Hebridean will have no access to this money until after the cruise has finished ensuring that guests’ money is fully protected.

Any fly-cruise bookings will still be covered by Hebridean Island Cruises continuing Air Tour Operators License (ATOL 11249). 

If any guests have questions regarding this change please contact our office on or call 01756 704747.


Ken Charleson
Managing Director