25th June - Secrets of St Kilda

St Kilda is one of the most inspiring and atmospheric locations that can be visited without leaving the British Isles. Unlock the secrets of the most remote of the Hebridean islands, occupied by man for 5,000 years until 1930, and one of the important seabird colonies in the northern hemisphere.

Tuesday, 25th June.

Today sees the start of our final cruise of a trio venturing to St Kilda this year. Once guests had embarked, Hebridean Princess set sail for her overnight anchorage off the island of Kerrera.

Wednesday, 26th June.

Our first morning ashore took us to a seemingly infinite array of wild flowers and birds as we enjoyed the delights of Colonsay House Gardens, but some guests opted to take one of the ship's bicycles ashore to explore further afield.




Using the ship's tenders, guests went ashore on the holy isle of Iona this afternoon in order to explore the restored abbey and stroll to the Bay at the Back of the Ocean.



Our welcome cocktail party and gala dinner were held at anchor in Crossapoll Bay off the Isle of Coll.

Thursday, 27th June.

Heaving anchor in the early hours of the morning, we set sail bound for St Kilda. After sailing between Boreray and Stac Lee, the cleits and grazing Soay sheep came into view as we approached Village Bay on Hirta. Going ashore, we wondered how life must have been in this remote wilderness as we heard from the ranger lead tour.





Returning from St Kilda, we anchored off the Shiant Isles for dinner.

Friday, 28th June.

From our overnight anchorage, we headed to Stornoway and from here uncovered the ancient history of Lewis at the Callanish Stones and Carloway Broch and explored the northerly Gaelic heartland at the Lews Castle Museum.



Saturday, 29th June.

Spending a full day on Skye, we toured the bizarre rock formations of the Trotternish peninsula and enjoyed a delightful sea food buffet at the Flodigarry Hotel.




Our overnight anchorage was in Loch Nadal this evening where we witnessed a delightful sunset.


Sunday, 30th June.

Still haunted by its Edwardian past, Kinloch Castle on the Isle of Rum beckoned



During the afternoon, a landing at Salen allowed us to enjoy a guided walk with Pat the guide and refreshments in the Salen Hotel.

Monday, 1st July.

This morning, we used the ship's tenders to go ashore at Salen for a stretch of legs..



This afternoon we berthed at Tiree where guests went ashore to visit the Skerryvore Lighthouse Museum..



Tuesday, 2nd July.

After a delightful week of cruising, wonderful sunsets and lovely weather this week's voyage came to an end after a hearty breakfast. We wish all of our guests, disembarking this morning, a safe and pleasant journey home.