You may recall in the last issue of The Hebridean Times we asked for your best captions for the above and below images of Captain Caz Palmer during Storm Babet. Here are a few of our favourite answers:

“You would have thought with a captain’s pay, she afford a hairdryer. “

“Hair she blows off the port bow !”

“Get a grip, Captain.”

“Full breeze ahead !!”

“The new Bridge Hairdryer”

“Hair we go again!!”

“Thank goodness it isn’t a wig!”

“Watch by Cartier of Paris.

Uniform by Gieves & Hawkes of London

Hair by Babet of The Atlantic”

“There was a young Captain called Palmer,

Who was really something of a charmer,

But the planned ports of call, soon went to the wall

As she tried to find waters much calmer.”

“The Hairbridean Princess. Look no further.

Prepare to be blown away!”

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions.