Now that 2018 has arrived, here at Hebridean Island Cruises we are excitedly looking forward to celebrating the 30th cruising season of Hebridean Princess. Guest speaker Graham Clarke has kindly penned a 30th anniversary poem titled “30 Year’s Cheers”.

Our 30th anniversary season will not go unmarked and therefore we will be replicating itineraries from our inaugural year of 1989, along with cruises from our tenth season of 1998 and the twentieth season of 2008:

>> Original cruise from 1989 – Islands of the Inner & Outer Hebrides 22 – 29 May 2018

>> Original cruise from 1998 – The Hebridean Isles 19 – 26 June 2018

>> Original cruise from 2008 – Secrets of the Western Isles 25 Sept – 2 Oct 2018

30 Years Cheers – by Graham Clarke
A nice glass of whisky with one cube of ice
And a portion of haggis would also be nice

Such pleasures enhance this marvellous trip
On this our most excellent wee Scottish ship

So here’s to our Captain and his noble Crew
Our wonderful chefs just cooking for you

Preparers of dishes and bakers of breads
Cleaners of cabins and makers of beds

Here’s to our Purser and Chief Engineer
And blokes on the bridge who know how to steer

And men on the deck we call seamen able
And those lovely people who wait at our table

Ensuring our comfort as we sit to dine
And ever attentive at pouring the wine

This ship’s been cruising for thirty great years
A Princess deserving of three hearty cheers

So one for our Captain one for his Crew
And might I suggest the third one for you!

© Graham Clarke 2017

Graham Clarke will accompany the Isles of Scilly and Celtic Coasts cruise commencing 10th July 2018 as guest speaker.